East Texas Jet Support provides an invaluable service which helps our clients profit by adding their jet to our affiliated charter fleet or helping them locate another charter company in need of their aircraft. The question most commonly asked is "How much money are we talking about? Very simply, if you own a large jet, it could be a million a year…or perhaps even more. A light jet can bring you as much as $1 million annually. Charter revenue is just one of the ways we can help you get the most from your aircraft. You can also save on everything from insurance to fuel. Contact us for references and more information.

Charter Revenue: Typical Gross Profit to Owner*

Jet Hourly Rate: Hourly Rate  Hours/Month Monthly Profit  Annual Profit
Large  $3,400-$6,500 15 $51,000-$97,500 $612,000-$1,170,000
Medium  $2,200-$3,400 15 $33,000-$51,000 $396,000-$612,000
Light $1,100-$2,000 15 $16,500-$30,000 $198,000-$360,000